the amd epycTM 7000 series power, optimize, secure

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The AMD EPYCTM Platforms are also available on our GSA IT Schedule 70, NASA SEWP V, and NITAAC CIO-CS CONTRACTS

amd epycTM 7000 series

Flexibility. Performance. Security. Born in the cloud, the AMD EPYC system on chip delivers 122 percent better memory bandwidth1, 60 percent more I/O2 and 45 percent more cores thanthe competitor3 to power data center applications. Whether you deploy bare metal, virtualized, orin the cloud, the AMD EPYC processor powers fast, responsive, and secure IT.

epyc meets the needs for today’s datacenter workloads

cores/threadsUp to 64C/128T in 2P

  • Threaded Applications (scale with threads) - more work done
  • Virtualized Enterprise IT - more users per system (i.e. VDI)
  • Virtualized Cloud/XaaS - more VM’s and revenue per system

memory capacityUp to 32 DIMM slots in 2P

  • Reduce $/GB at large memory footprints with standard DRAM
  • HPC and In-Memory Applications - work on larger data sets
  • Virtualized IT or Cloud - more GB per user

memory bandwidth16 memory channels in 2P

  • HPC - better application performance
  • Virtualized IT or Cloud - Feed high core counts for better core utilization

IO availability128 PCIe3 lanes

  • Reduce connectivity costs - no expanders or switches
  • SDS/Storage - up to 32 NVMe (high IOPS) or SATA (low $/GB)
  • GPGPU/AI - 6 dGPUs with low-latency P2P performance (1P)

performance/$Market Leader

  • Better performance at similar price points to competition
  • Competitive, or leading, top-end 2P performance
  • Tremendous value at 1P versus 2P competition

“no compromise” 1P32 cores/128 PCIe3 lanes/2TB memory

  • Enterprise and Cloud - reduce CapEx and OpEx by serving parts of 2P market with 1P
  • Enterprise and Cloud - improve system utilization; right-size capacity to demand
  • Storage and GPGPU - high IO configs behind a single socket

secure data in flightHardware memory encryption

  • Cloud, EDGE, IoT, CoLo - protect data in memory from physical attack or theft

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  • AMD EPYC processor supports up to 21.3 GB/s per channel with DDR4-2666 x 8 channels (total 170.7 GB/s), versus the Xeon E5-2699A v4 processor at 19.2 GB/s with max DDR4-2400 x 4 channels (total 76.8 GB/s). NAP-03
  • AMD EPYC processor offers up to 128 PCI Express high speed I/O lanes per socket, versus the Xeon E5-2699A v4 processor at 40 lanes per socket. NAP-05
  • AMD EPYC processor includes up to 32 CPU cores versus the Xeon E5-2699A v4 processor with 22 CPU cores. NAP-02