Contract No.: HHSN316201500039W

Contract Period: May 1, 2015 – April 30, 2020 (base ordering period)

Option Period: One option (May 1, 2020 – April 30, 2025)

Prompt Payment Terms:  None 

Program Manager: Catherine Ho

Contact our CIO-CS Team:


CIO-CS covers everything IT including commodities and commodity-enabling solutions on-site or in the cloud. These include hardware and software, deployment and installation, maintenance and training, enterprise licenses and extended warranties, engineering studies, cloud, mobility, collaboration tools, web and video-conferencing, cyber security, virtualization, health and biomedical IT and more.


Easy-to-use, secure web-based e-GOS system for automated delivery order competition, management, awardee selection and notification.
No special “Delegation of Procurement Authority” is required by NITAAC
Customer Support Center provides 1-hour response to any contractual, technical or procedural question
Free training on GWACs, FAR 16.505, e-GOS and more; certification for 2 CLPs awarded
No Economy Act Determination required


Streamlined ordering and procedures under FAR Subpart 16.505 save time, money and resources

Delivery orders placed directly by agency with end-to-end management by procuring CO

Best available prices negotiated at the master contract level

Delivery order competition drives prices even lower

Customized terms and conditions are easily added at the delivery order level


5-Year plus 5-year option multiple award indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ) GWAC $20 billion contract ceiling

For everything IT in support of the Federal Enterprise Architecture, the Department of Defense Enterprise Architecture and the Federal Health Architecture

Technical refresh program (TRP) enables commodities to be added continually, or within hours of your request

NITAAC Contract Access Fee (NCAF) is .35%

Flexible ordering procedures and options available

For additional information or FAQs on the contract, please click here to visit NITAAC's CIO-CS webpage


Contract No.: NNG15SD50B (Group A Full and Open - NAICS 33411)

Contract Period: May 1, 2015 – April 30, 2020 (base ordering period)

Option Period: One option (May 1, 2020 – April 30, 2025)

Program Manager: Catherine Ho

Contact our SEWP Team:


The NASA SEWP (Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement) GWAC (Government-Wide Acquisition Contract) provides a streamlined process for federal agencies to procure state-of-the-art Information Technology (IT) products. It is a firm-fixed-price, indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract for use by NASA, all federal agencies, and approved federal agency support service contractors.


SEWP Delivery Orders must be routed to the NASA SEWP Program Office in the following ways:

Via Fax: (301) 286-0317

Via Email:

Mail orders to: SEWP Program Management Office, 10210 Greenbelt Road, Suite #200, Lanham, MD 20706

Do not forward orders directly to a Contract Holder. Contract Holders may only accept Delivery Orders through the NASA SEWP Program Office and the orders must have an assigned SEWP tracking number.


As of March 2, 2015, the SEWP surcharge for all orders is a 0.39%. The fee is included in the price of all products and is not separately listed on quotes. It is the Contract Holder’s responsibility to pay the fee from their quoted product prices.


Fair Opportunity: FAR 16.505(b) (1) provides that each contractor shall be given fair opportunity to be considered for each order exceeding $3,000 and issued under multiple award contracts. The FAR states that the method to obtain fair opportunity is at the discretion of the CO and that the CO must document the rationale for placement and price of each order. Using the SEWP online Quote Request Tool is the recommended method to assist in this activity and to augment the required decision documentation. The SEWP QRT tool will automatically include the Contract Holders within a selected Group or based on a suggested source.

NOTE: Fair Opportunity to all Contract Holders within one or more SEWP Groups is required. There is no requirement to obtain 3 quotes as long as all Contract Holders within a Group were provided opportunity to provide a quote.


Contract No.: GS-06F-1136Z

Contract Period: August 31, 2011 to August 30, 2016

Option Period: One Option (August 31, 2016 - August 30, 2021)

Program Manager: Catherine Ho

Contact our GSA 8(a) STARS II Team:



8(a) STARS II is a multiple-award, indefinite delivery indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract engineered to provide cutting-edge technology solutions from award-winning 8(a) small businesses to federal agencies. Using 8(a) STARS II will enable you to access 8(a) firms through an established contract vehicle instead of traditional, open market methods – saving time and taxpayer money.


The scope of the 8(a) STARS II Government Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) is centered on four functional areas (FAs), derived from the North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS). The contract offers simple to complex IT service solutions such as: IT help desk support, information assurance, cyber-security, virtualization, IPV6, Web 2.0, and more.

Koi Computers was awarded with Constellation 1, Functional Area 2 – NAICS 541512 – Computer System Design Services. In addition to the services listed below, Koi Computers can provide the hardware and software components of the system as part of integrated services and can install the system and train and support system users.

  • Computer hardware consulting services
  • Computer systems integration analysis and design
  • Computer systems integration design and consulting
  • Configuration management
  • IT capital planning management
  • Local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN) design
  • Network design and installation
  • Network systems integration


Contract No.: GS-35F-0488U

Contract Ceiling: No Limit

Term: July 2008 - July 2018

Fee: .75% (Paid by Koi Computers, Inc.)

Koi Computers, through our own GSA IT Schedule 70 and contractor teaming arrangements, can provide Federal, state, and local government with access to thousands of IT products and solutions. Some of the manufacturers available through our GSA Schedule and teaming agreements include: APC, Blackberry, Blackbox, HP, LG, Samsung, Symantec, and a lot more. Contact us at for a quote today.

BPA Number: N62306-12-A-4026

Contract Period: August 16, 2012 – July 1, 2017

Authorized Users: Naval Oceanographic Office Contracts Division,

Code N44

BPA Scope:

BPA Number: N62306-12-A-4026

This Blanket Purchase Agreement supports the Naval Oceanographic Office for commonly purchased General Purpose Commercial Information Technology Equipment, Software and Services. Please contact Catherine Ho at with any questions or to place an order.