NVIDIA GRID is the industry's most advanced technology for sharing true virtual GPU (vGPU) hardware acceleration between multiple users - without compromising the graphics experience.  This virtualization technology ensures complete application compatibility which means features and experience are exactly the same as they would be on a physical device.  




VIRTUALIZE DESKTOP APPLICATION.  Bring the power of virtualization to the users who need it to be their most productive. GRID technolgoy ensures complete virtual application compability, meaning any application that can run in a physical desktop can run in a virtual desktop. Organizations can now expand their virtualization footprint without compromise. 


ENHANCE THE USER EXPERIENCE. Deliver accelerated virtual desktops, along with a superior user experience, on even the thinnest notebooks. Because data and applications are house side by side in the data center, users are able to realize enhanced performance, productivity, and collaboration. 


CENTRALIZE IT MANAGEMENT.  IT now has a single console that allows graphics resources to be assigned in a more balanced way. This makes it much easier to deploy and manage accelerated virtual desktops. With the GRID solutions, the IT manager can now control user profiles to flexibly deliver the graphics performance user needs. 


PROTECT YOUR DATA. GRID technology helps you protect your most valuable data, keeping it secure in the data center while providing just the right level of access to users. Keep your corporate intellectual property safe while also boosting productivity across the enterprise. 





  pdf-icon.png  Read the Nvidia GRID Datasheet