Koi Computers' NVIDIA® Iray® Certified Rendering Systems


NVIDIA® Iray® is a highly interactive and intuitive physically based rendering technology that generates photorealistic imagery by simulating the physical behavior of light and materials. Unlike traditional production renderers, Iray delivers results reflecting real-world behaviors. Designers don't need expert knowledge of computer graphics techniques to quickly achieve photorealistic results. Iray progressively refines its image until completion, providing consistent results from interactive editing to final frame. It's a highly predictive approach that marries with the scalable, world-class performance across NVIDIA GPUs to give constant feedback and rapid results. This drastically slashes the time needed to perfect scenes and deliver images rivaling photographs.


Who is Iray for?

desktop-white1.pngIray is primarily for designers and visual effects artists working with 3D content who require predictable photorealistic imagery. It delivers immediate visual feedback that results in stunning imagery for everything from architecture, engineering, and design to marketing and advertising visual effects. Designed for demanding designers and visual effects professionals, Koi Computers Iray Certified systems are carefully tuned to maximize performance and reliability. Every system passes NVIDIA’s rigorous qualification tests prior to shipment, delivering unrivaled performance and stability for any multi-GPU rendering workflow.

NVIDIA Iray Server


NVIDIA® Iray® Server is a software solution that provides distributed Iray rendering across networked machines. It uses a common installation and license to deliver traditional offline batch rendering and interactive rendering to all NVIDIA Iray plugin products, without the need to install any other application. All machines running Iray Server coordinate with each other to reduce the time needed to render an image. This allows a render farm to process poster-size images in a fraction of the time of a single machine. A central management console also gives flexible control over submitted jobs with the ability to adjust and rerun past jobs. Iray Server also speeds up your creative process by bridging to your Iray application and streaming back the rendered results as you manipulate your scene. Iray Server is pre-installed and an Iray plug-in of your choice is also provided. Both come with a 1 year license (plug-ins available for 3DS MAX, MAYA, Cinema4D, and Rhinoceros). Based on Quadro GP100, P6000 or P5000 professional graphics boards, Iray Certified Rendering systems are available in a variety of configurations from multiple vendors. 

Iray Supported Applications



Iray for 3ds Max is a plugin renderer developed by Lightworks that creates physically accurate renderings by tracing light paths. It unleashes the full power of Iray's interactivity and scalability with an easy-to-use, intuitive workflow that maximizes productivity by providing immediate visual feedback during scene development. Plus easily create or modify physical based lights and materials using a layered material model, the NVIDIA vMaterials Library is supported as well as material exchange capabilities with other MDL compatible applications.




Iray for Maya is a plug-in for Autodesk Maya that delivers exceptional physically based Iray rendering. Scene lighting and design are extremely interactive and intuitive throughout the entire look-development process using native Maya controls. This means you can easily create or modify physically based lights and materials with material nodes integrated directly into Maya. All the materials and lights, including the NVIDIA vMaterials Library, are built with the NVIDIA Material Definition Language, so they can be shared with other MDL-compatible tools.




Iray for Cinema 4D is a plug-in for MAXON's Cinema 4D that delivers extraordinary physically based rendering. The  novel live rendering feature provides immediate visual feedback while lighting and designing the scene. You can continue to use the physically plausible material options of the Cinema 4D material nodes and shaders, and even add your own material designs and procedural functions using NVIDIA Material Definition Language (MDL). The full NVIDIA vMaterials library is supported, as well as material exchange capabilities with other MDL-compatible applications.




Iray for Rhino is a plug-in rendering solution for designers using McNeel Rhinoceros to quickly produce physically based, photorealistic visualizations. Iray is integrated into Rhino, rendering directly within its viewports to give you continual, realistic feedback as you craft your model's form, materials, and lighting. Iray's physically based capability predicts the behavior of real-world materials and lights, giving you accurate results with minimum setup or specialized knowledge. The NVIDIA vMaterials Library is supported as well as material exchange capabilities with other MDL compatible applications.