header-zspace.pngIntroducing a Suite of Virtual Reality Applications for Teaching STEM and Science with zSpace

Real world virtual reality applications, lesson plans, and classroom activities are created by educational experts to develop 21st century skills and prepare students for STEM careers. The curriculum engages students in deep learning through experimentation, troubleshooting, detailed dissections, and exploration. There are currently over two hundred and fifty school districts, universities, and medical schools worldwide today that are effectively incorporating zSpace Virtual Reality Labs into their lesson plans and curriculum. 





Ways to Learn with zSpace


Experimental design, review, and iteration are the foundation of our real world VR applications.  Students and teachers are able to create experiments not possible in the classroom, make changes to their design quickly, and reach a deeper level of knowledge through interaction.  Supplies are not a limitation with virtual reality and safety is guaranteed.  






Places and things typically left to the imagination become tangible with tools for exploration and a rich set of content for all sciences and some history too.  Learning experiences are immediately personal, as each student uses tools to measure, look inside, scale, and compare lifelike 3D models. zSpace promotes creativity and understanding in a way not possible with conventional teaching methods. 





The sciences and art are brought together with VR design software allowing students to create their own 3D models and design original solutions to design challenges.  3D models can be printed and shared online and with other zSpace users, or sent to a 3D printer. The software allows student to interact with normally intangible objects and grasp an understanding of size and scale.





Adaptable Activities

We believe that the best learning happens when content can be personalized.  This means that we make tools for adapting our activities for your students and classroom.  The Activity Builder, Tour Builder, and Presentation Builder all invite teachers to create differentiated learning experiences. No matter what you're teaching, zSpace has the tools you need to make your class fun and interactive.



reduce-learning-barriers.pngReduce Learning Barriers 

Encourage your students to learn by doing.  Receive meaningful feedback from your lesson plans.  Adapt activities based on your teaching style.  Accelerated learning is supported through our software applications.  Text to speech reads aloud questions and prompts.  The kinesthetic experience of real world VR supports students who learn best through action. 




zSpace Applications